Anonymous Bitcoin mixer – is an anonymous Bitcoin mixer that is user-friendly, easy to use, and offers support in multiple languages. It may be hard to find a reliable mixer today but look no further because BestMixer has it all. for anonymous cryptocurrency transactions

The search for a platform for sending Bitcoins with the preservation of anonymity is not an easy task. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the speed of the transaction, high fees or the reliability of translation. However, there are services that combine all the positive qualities – is a service that supports the use of TOR and charges the minimum fee for transactions.



The main features of the coin mixer service include:

  • BestMixer splits the translation into small parts and then forwards it to the reserve chain. There are always enough coins in the reserve to ensure trouble-free operations. This allows you to maintain the speed of transactions, while not creating a large queue in anticipation of new coins.
  • The mixing code, which does not allow the sender to get his own coins. Thus, the anonymity of the sender is not at risk. In security issues, BestMixer keeps a high bar – theservice works without scripts, and the data exchange is supported with SegWit addresses.
  • While maintaining the minimum fee for the transactions and a small deposit, BestMixer stands out among other mixers.